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Shop Weighted Stuffed Animals Toy. Enjoy the same benefits of a weighted plush. Perfect for kids and adults to use for relaxation. Fast Free Shipping!

Original Weighted Stuffed Animals Toy

Similar to a weighted blanket, These best selling toys have anti-anxiety, calming benefits, and much more! These Weighted Stuffed Animal Plush Toy can lead to many benefits.

Ditch the Weighted Blankets

Weighted Stuffed Animal Toys are also a great alternative to using a weighted blanket during hot summer months. Or if the thought of a heavy blanket sounds too suffocating to you, a cuddle option might be just what your nightly routine is missing. Have the comfort and weight from the Dino bring you ease.It provide a deep pressure touch stimulation on the skin that releases both serotonin and dopamine, substances that can help improve mood and sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote a feeling of calmness.

Make any day better with a weighted Plushies!

✓ Stuffed animal is the original weighted plush. My Weighted Stuffed Animal™ is the original weighted plushies. ✓ Your New Favorite Sleeping Buddy Amazingly soft and incredibly adorable, this cuddly friend will have your friends and family wishing they had one! ✓ Premium and Quality Materials Our plushies are made with high-quality, environmentally – safe cotton and fabric which is ensured to last a lifetime. ✓ Easy to Clean, Easy to Take Care of Simply pop your Ofrall Stuffed animal into the washing machine when you feel like it needs a clean. Each wash makes the weighted plush softer to touch!